Elevators, Escalators & Trav-O-Lators

The Elevators and Escalators Division was founded in 1960. The Division offers elevators and escalators from the Pioneer and World Leader - OTIS Elevator Company. Many of Bahrain's high rise buildings, hotels, shopping complexes feature elevators and escalators installed by this Division. J.A. Zayani & Sons w.l.l. is proud to have the largest market share in the business of installation and maintenence of elevators and escalators in Bahrain.







Stairlifts from Stannah Stairlifts Limited make climbing stairs a thing of the past. These Stairlifts can be used on any kind of stairs. The ultra slim rail ensures that there's plenty of room for others to use the stairs.

Permanent Access Equipment

We can offer specialised, tailor made products in the field of permanent suspended access equipment for external and internal building maintenance. These products are available from Facade Hoists Limited - U.K.'s leading desingers, manufacturers & installers of Permanent Access Equipment.

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