The Industrial Products, Chemicals & Scaffolding Division services the needs of Bahrain's dynamic construction, automotive, oil and other industries. The Division is engaged in the sale and services of Garage Equipments, Construction Equipments & Construction Materials, Chemicals & Plastics and Scaffoldings.

Garage Equipment Division represents leading names like ELGI Equipments Limited, Tecalemit Garage Equipments, Devilbis, Cormach, Nova Verta, Sun Electric Europe, Werther International and engaged in the Sales & Services of:

  • Air Compressors (Screw Type Reciprocating)
  • Car Lifts (Mechanical & Service Lifts(
  • Lubrication Equipments
  • Tyre Changers
  • Wheel balancers
  • Engine Analyzers
  • Wheel Alignment Centers
  • Brake Lathes
  • A/C Recycling & Recharging Machines
  • Spray Painting Equipments
  • Spray Paint Booth
  • Repair Jig Systems

Construction Equipments & Materials Division represents world renowned names Wacker, Winget, Yale, Grace Construction Products, Terram, Elkington Gatic and engaged in the Sales & Services of

Construction Equipments like:
  • Soil Compaction Equipments
  • Breakers
  • Concrete Vibrators
  • Site Dumpers
  • Water Pumps
  • Generators
  • Forklifts
  • Cranes & Hoists
Construction Materials like:
  • Water proofing Material
  • Pipeline Protection Material
  • Geotextile Membranes
  • Manhole Covers & Gratings.
Zayani has represented ICI Chemicals & Polymers Limited over 30 years in Bahrain supplying a wide range of Industrial Chemicals, Cleaning Solvants, Catalysts, Refrigerant Gases for a number of diverse industries such as Oil, Gas, Petro Chemicals, Air Conditioning, Plastic, Steel, Food & Furniture.

J.A. Zayani Group's expertise in the Scaffolding Industry is through its association with SGB International, the world-renowned name in Scaffolding & Form Work. Operating under the name of Zayani SGB, the company has been engaged in the hire, sales and erection of scaffolding for more than 25 years in Bahrain.

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